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  • New Work/Interview Published on Nau Nua

    Recently I was contacted by the creator of Nau Nua, a magazine/blog based in Barcelona. I was intrigued by the nature of the work they highlight. I'm very honored to be featured on this website and I absolutely loved the interview that was conducted. Juan asked me some really interesting questions. 

    I hope you will take a moment and head on over to Nau Nua to read the interview and see a new series of photographs I created especially for this occasion.

  • Going Through My Archives & Finding Little Gems

    I've spent the last couple weeks organizing 16 years of photographic work. Admittedly, it was getting messy. I had over 70,000 image files in my Lightroom catalogs. Almost no images had keywords and many weren't labeled correctly. I deleted over 9,000 extra shots or just plain bad ones.

    In the physical world I'm a super organized person. I suppose I just got off on the wrong foot when I switched to digital 3 years ago. It takes a lot of work to get a system going that works & mine is now perfectly in place to move forward.

    I know it sounds a little silly, considering what I just wrote but I do help other photographers get organized. I also teach editing and I design photographic books, so please feel free to contact me for a consultation :)

    To say that I'm excited by what I'm uncovering in my vaults is an understatement. I'm so anxious to build a new web presence and to move into expressing myself in a way that I feel is more authentic. No more trying to fit into a box, it hasn't worked. But I'm finally finding my true voice and the guts to express myself wholeheartedly.

    Strangely enough, this purging/organizing exercise has been the best thing that's happened to my career in years.

    In addition to this, I reached over $10,000 fans on EyeEm @themissinglinka, in the last month, which has been a huge boon to my motivation. It means more people are finally seeing my work. Everyday I log onto my account and see notes from fans telling me how my pictures move them or what they like in the image. It makes my work more valuable to both me & to my audience, because I am engaging with them.

    This is the picture that pushed me over 10K

    At a bus stop in a tiny town in Morocco, what a glorius sunset!

    I truly want a bigger audience. Mainly because I believe I have something beautiful to share, to inspire people to live the life they dream of. I'm very proud of the life choices I've made, it hasn't been easy, but finally everything is falling into place.

    I'm still getting ready to build my new website, I plan to begin blogging again on a much more regular basis and I will be publishing chapters of my novel Creekwalking which I have been writing on & off for the last 16 years - mostly while I'm on the road. I decided to stop waiting for this novel to be completed, as a life story is never really finished.  So I will start publishing sections with photography from the locations where I did my writing.

    I feel so inspired by my work right now, it's the best feeling...I'm so looking forward to sharing this journey with you, thank you for following & supporting my work!

  • My Introduction to Copyright Abuse

    Here is my photograph found in March of this year at the Website:

    A few months ago, I found the above image being used on this website with no ©. Needless to say, I was upset. But I didn't really know how to go about resolving the issue.

    I felt a few things:

    1. I wanted to get paid for the usage.
    2. I wanted to inform the person using the image that they were stealing.
    3. I wanted my name to be placed under the image and come to a peaceful resolution for both parties.

    Luckily enough, I had heard about this new company Pixsy which helps photographers find and pursue copyright abuses. So I emailed them and asked if they could help.

    Daniel, the founder helped me write a letter to the woman using my picture. Initially she only apologized and said she would take it down. Pixsy encouraged me to pursue the issue, to explain how I felt and how we could work to resolve the issue. 

    A week later, Jaqueline, whose website was using my image and I had came to a settlement. One that we both felt was fair. She paid a small fee for the usage in addition to offering me some holistic services to cover the original fee I had asked for. Jaqueline also sent out an email to her network telling everyone about my photography and sharing our story.

    Here is her website now:

    I was really happy to have resolved this issue and I could not have done it without the help of Pixsy.

    Pixsy is going to be a great resource for photographers. Daniel is so smart and he knows how to address these issues. I'm getting excited for the launch of this company. Note that Pixsy will now write letters and lead the correspondence on behalf of photographers.

    Here is a quote from one of mine and Jaqueline's correspondences:

    "My exchange with Linka has also inspired me to, in the future, create a page on my website to spotlight artists like Linka and others whom I know to bring inspiration to others through evoking beautiful, life-giving frequencies through their artistic talent." ~ Jacqueline René Pace

    Big thanks to Pixsy for helping resolve my first copyright infringement case!

  • Wanderlust is alive and well...

    Having one of those days where everything seems so fruitless. I keep coming back to this quote, which I read in a heartening interview with photographer Ryan Muirhead. 

    "The truth is that the breakthroughs people need to make are always personal. Technical stuff takes a day on Google and a month of practice. The real breakthroughs come when you explore questions like what do you really wish your life looked like? What are you terrified of? What do you wish you had the means to resolve in your life but are too afraid to admit? Once you hit that stuff, that’s when the images get amazing. So the workshops always turn it back on the artist. Why is this your work? What are your pictures saying, and is that what you want them to be saying? Defend it."

    I want to be photographing something that really challeges me, I want a breakthrough. Lately I feel like I'm just trying to earn a living and it gets tougher and tougher in todays market. If I am to be completely honest, my biggest challenge has always been facing reality. I am an escapist. I feel this overwhelming wanderlust today, I wanna buy a plane ticket to Morocco. I want to go lie down in the heat of the desert and feel free of all this technology and society.

    Then what happens? I return to nothing and try to start over again. I know what needs to happen. I need to fight through it, I need to focus on my work here in Berlin, I need to build my life here. This is what frightens me, stability, true love, is also my greatest desire.

    Muirhead continues: "For example, its not like great authors or philosophers were normal and then they would do their philosophizing. They were seeing the world differently. And not because of ability, but by intent. Great art asks great questions, but it also causes the artist to ask great questions of him or herself. Why are you depressed? Why does creativity seem like a great idea? Who are you really? What are you afraid of? What do you hope for? That stuff's fucking scary. But until you start asking those questions and putting it back into your work, then you're just taking pictures of flowers or just learning how the camera works or wishing you had better oil paints or more expensive canvas or that big zoom lens or the newest Nikon camera."

    Before reading this interview, I didn't identify with Muirheads work very much, but I do so more now. I don't see anything wrong with that. I love when someones story enriches their work.

    Brainstorming my truth, maybe that's what is lacking in my artwork, a kind of personal truth? I want to deal with frustration, anger, judgement, criticism...I want to express my truth in my artwork. Right now, I just need to get through this week, this day, this moment, without feeling like running away would fix it.

    It's hard when I have all these images floating in my mind....

    Excerpts from Photographer Ryan Muirhead talks Depression, Creativity, and What it Means to be Human on This Is Imperfect.

    Above images taken in Merzouga, Morocco, 2011 ©Linka A Odom, all rights reserved.